About Us

Since 2005, Alpha Emptor (AE) has continued to grow into a highly successful and respected innovator of unique designed products. AE provides a total service operation from design concept through to production and manufacture. Our portfolio includes electrical, electronic and medical products for industrial, Commercial, Consumer and Medical use.

Our services are continually being tailored and refined to help our clients deliver innovative products with the highest probability of success.
• Research
• Strategic support
• Industrial design
• Interaction design
• Engineering
• Electronics and software
• Prototyping

  Our Customers

No two projects are the same, we select from a wide range of tools and techniques to develop a bespoke approach for each project. While we are systematic and structured, we are not afraid of being discovery-led: exploring lines of enquiry as they emerge during a program. AE Projects are staffed by a diverse team with eclectic backgrounds in design, engineering, human factors, and social sciences.

Our Customers are from diverse sectors, such as:
• Telecomm
• Chemical Engineering
• Power Engineering
• Power Generation suppliers
• Solar Power Manufacturers
• Wind Turbine Manufacturers
• LED Lighting
• Retail
• Medical Equipment Suppliers
• Water Treatment Utilities